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19 September
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Fleur DeLeo was born in Omaha on September 19, 1961. Most of her family, friends and associates throughout the years would say that she is as sunny and open as the Nebraska countryside in early Autumn. Her mother once went as far as to say that 16-year Fleur had a “comfortable” face. Though meant as a compliment, the remark confirmed the young girl’s fears that she was destined more to resemble Sada Thompson than Jaclyn Smith.

Fleur has spent much of her life longing to walk on the “dark” side. In the winter of 1976 after moving to Atlanta, her family’s 10th home in 14 years, she longed to vent the venom inside her by performing the role of the Wicked Witch of the West in the Chamblee High School production of the WIZARD OF OZ. The drama coach, dazzled by the glow of corn-fed cheeks and strawberry kissing potion, promptly cast Fleur as Glinda the Good Witch instead. It was upon this stage that Fleur learned that it’s better to play to your strengths and that gold glitter in one’s hair can be very fetching.

After college, she got an “editing” job at a market research company--whiting out the obscenities on the forms of mystery shoppers who paid visits to fast-food restaurants. She and her best friend Sean spent a lot of time at Denney’s eating desserts and planning to run away to Chicago to become flight attendants even though Fleur was 40 pounds over the weight requirement and Sean was only 19.

Fleur worked in Atlanta until October of 1997 at which time she quit her job and moved to New York in order to wear black tights more than 4 months out of the year.

Her nickname “Fleur” was bestowed upon her by a clever former boyfriend who liked the word play on fleur-de-lis and her last name. Thus, she became Fleur DeLeo.